Terry denoux, p.c. Service Guarantee

Our goal is to earn your business, and keep it for life. Call us today and start packing…It’s as good as SOLD!!!

When you hire Terry Denoux or a member of his team you can expect nothing short of professional representation.

  • Service beyond your expectations!

  • We take great pride in representing our clients. Even the smallest details never get overlooked.

  • Extensive communication and support

  • Effective follow-up

  • Absolute personal commitment

  • Professional affiliates to assist your every move

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Aggressive marketing and consistent communication are keys to our success!!!

  • Your home will be made available to the entire Central Oregon Board of Realtors and their prospective buyers: 98% of all sales are the direct result of a professional Realtor.

  • Extensive online advertising delivering exceptional results through our strategic targeted internet campaigns. We know where to find the buyers for your home!

  • Property Signage with our direct phone number for immediate response. Please note that we put our personal cell phone numbers vs. office numbers so we can be contacted directly 24-7.

  • Direct Mail - It’s not dead! In fact it’s just one more way we get the word out to prospective buyers through our targeted areas that fit with the buyer demographic for your home.

  • E-mail 1000’s of people in our data base informing them of your newly listed home for sale. Our data base includes all the local Realtors.

  • We will schedule a Broker Preview inviting the entire Real Estate community to preview your home. This is an opportunity for all the local Realtors to view an exclusive showing of your property to share with their prospective buyers. 

  • We will schedule an open house. Open house includes sending out invitations to the entire neighborhood, advertising open house dates through the realtor MLS, local paper, and internet. Several days in advance a sign will be placed in front of your property indicating the date and time of the upcoming showing so people can plan to return the day of the event. 

  • Continuous Advertising until your home is SOLD! We employ strategic marketing and advertising campaigns to obtain the highest level of targeted exposure for your home. It’s about bringing in the highest level of traffic and exposure so that your home is not a secret asset but one that is seen by the correct audience.

  • Pre-qualification of Buyers before we show them your home. Our goal is to bring you a ready, willing, able, and qualified buyer. We will not jeopardize the safety of you or your family showing your home to unqualified buyers.

  • Communicate all activities. The most common complaint among sellers is that they never hear from their agent or feel completely abandoned and uninformed during the process of selling their home. We take pride in communicating all aspects of your transaction step by step until the close of escrow and your check is delivered.

  • Staging - Each prospective buyer that steps through your front door will generally make an immediate assessment of your home and whether or not they want to continue the tour. First impression is everything! We provide staging, repair, furniture and decor advice from our years of industry experience of working with buyers and sellers. We know what it takes to sell a home and we will do everything possible to make sure your home is positioned and staged in the absolute best possible way.

  • We follow-up on all showings and make ourselves available 7 days a week. Following up by calling the people that have previewed your home gives us tremendous feedback on buyer traffic that toured through your home. This is an extremely valuable tool in redirecting our marketing approach if necessary or making changes that could save you money vs. compromising the asking price of your home and its marketability.

  • Follow through on every possible detail ensuring a smooth transaction: Every aspect from listing to closing is attended to with the highest level of attention to detail. You can rest with confidence as we work through the long list of complex real estate transaction details, allowing you to focus on your move and attending to your daily routine. After all, when you hire an agent, you expect to be able to continue doing what you do best and not have to take on another job managing what you hired us for!