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Have you ever daydreamed about living on 20 acres where you could keep some horses or maybe a few head of cattle, or maybe just grow some alfalfa? A lot of people have had such dreams and some of them have found a place to live them out: Powell Butte.

Because it’s an unincorporated area, everyone seems to have a slightly different idea of what is and what isn’t part of the community of Powell Butte, but one thing isn’t in any doubt: Powell Butte is growing fast.  Land values in Powell Butte have increased steadily for the last five years, and they took a big jump last year.  

There are some very good reasons for Powell Butte’s growth.  The Cascade views are a big draw.  Indeed, from many places in Powell Butte the panoramic views of the Cascade Crest are breathtaking.  People from all over the country are buying property in Powell Butte.

The area of Powell Butte, at the base of the Powell Butte Range between Redmond and Prineville, has traditionally been a ranching and farming community. Many of the people moving to Powell Butte now are doing so in order to have their own small piece of that ranching or farming life.  The land north of Highway 126 in Powell Butte is irrigated while the land south of the highway does not have irrigation rights. But whether north or south of the highway, the lure of open land in a dry, sunny climate with stunning views is drawing more and more people.

People who are buying land in Powell Butte fall into four general categories. The first just want to buy the land and lease it out to others for their animals. The second category are people who want to keep horses on their land. The third are people who want to keep cattle. And the fourth group are people who want to grow alfalfa for hay. Some of the people in -each category are retirees who are drawn to the area for its beauty and, despite the recent spike in land values, its relative affordability.  With that in mind, some people are buying land now on which they plan to build their retirement home when the time comes. Many new subdivisions are starting to be built, and there is still plenty of room for growth in the area.

About 2,000 people live in the Powell Butte area now, and there’s a great sense of community and friendliness. Powell Butte Elementary School is considered to be excellent.  Other than the school,

Powell Butte has a general store, a church and a new feed store. That might seem a bit limited, but another great thing about Powell Butte is that it’s centrally located, only a short drive from Redmond, Prineville or Bend, yet remote enough to have the charm of rural living. Anything that can’t be found in Powell Butte is probably available within a half hour’s drive.

Some people moving to Powell Butte aren’t going there to do any kind of ranching or farming. They just like the beautiful scenery and the fact that it’s so close to so many types of recreation. Whether it’s hunting, fishing, skiing (either snow or water), climbing, hiking, or biking, Powell Butte has great access to all of them.

One sure sign of Powell Butte’s desirability is the plan that Eagle Crest has for building an 1,800 acre destination resort with approximately 900 living units on what was previously the Shumway Ranch. Proposed lot prices in the resort, which would be built around a golf course, would be generally more expensive than the existing Eagle Crest Resort in Redmond, but not as upscale as nearby Pronghorn, according to Linda Swearingen, a former Deschutes County Commissioner who is doing consulting work for Eagle Crest on the proposed resort.

With dramatic views of the Cascades and Smith Rock, great access to all of the area’s recreational activities, a friendly community steeped in the traditions of ranching and farming, and land prices that, while rising steeply, are still within reach. Powell Butte is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a small ranch or farm, or just someone who wants to enjoy the best that Central Oregon has to offer.

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